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Like the original Join the Jam DAD? Here's another 151 classic Old-Time jam tunes arranged for DAD tuning. (At 200 pages, this is the largest book I have authored. You can for sure use it as a door stop.)

There's a bunch of really great Old-Time fiddle tunes that don't even show their faces until it starts to get late. Anyone going to bed around 11 PM will probably miss these. The more experienced players have been playing these tunes for years. The majority of these tunes have been in the top 100 Old-Time tunes list for 100 years. Others are common mountain dulcimer jam tunes I wish I had included in the first Join the Jam.

I have been playing all these tunes for years. These arrangements are in the most common keys and are equally split between D, G, and A. A few are in keys like Em and C. A capo is essential of about two-thirds of these. When I had to pick between multiple versions of the same tune, I went with what I've encountered the most. Sometimes I included both versions.

If you want to join the late jam, or any jam with experienced Old-Time musicians, along with your ear, this book is essential.

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